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Learn Everything you need to know to start making video games in Unity RIGHT NOW!

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 COMPLETE Development Curriculum

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Sneak Peak Into Game Development


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Our program was created from the start to be the most efficient and fun online game development course for kids and teens. We've continue to improve online learning from our curriculum to our teachers and our tools.

Curriculum for you

so that it's simple

Our structured curriculum was developed for both online and in-person learning. It’s continuously refined with exciting visuals and engaging projects specifically for student success.

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Clear tools 

so you can do it

Our time-tested  track continuously shows results and provides a fun and successful experience for students.

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Coaching so

we can help

Equipping students to be creative warriors with a

pro-level game engine and tools, with provided feedback all through out their journey!

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Join Anytime
Game Development Classes

1.5 hour classes, 1x per week

- At your own Pace Courses
- Tutoring/Mentoring Available
- Lifetime Access

YourCreativeDestiny Is The Secret
To Kickstart Your Journey

It's the difference between the 97% that  don't
and the 3% that DO!
Wastes Time
Useless Rewards
Reduces Your Creativity
High Addiction Risk
Reduces Life Motivation
Poor Emotional Regulation
Social Isolation & Restriction
Impaired memory
Relationship stress
Sleep Deprivation
Linked To Depression
Playing Games
Improves Time Management
Meaningful Rewards
Escalates Your Creativity
10X your Skillsets
Helps Excel Other Academics
Expands Discipline
Increases Troubleshooting Skills
Priority Awareness
Multiple Products
Our GameDevelopment Program
Are You Excelling Your Creativity & Skillsets?
Then Sign Up For YourCreativeDestiny Today!
#1 Most Comprehensive Game Development Program!

The Game Development program comes with everything you need to be successful in learning to code and develop games.

These are included at no extra cost.

Path to Real-World Internship

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Access to all Software


Individual Course Certification

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Notes & Worksheets

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Structured Curriculum

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Hands-On Project Learning

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Supportive Online Student Community

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Highly Qualified & Experienced Teachers

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Video Recordings*

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Interactive Live Classes

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Student planning a game

Axia K

“ It was so much fun. I learned more than ever thought  I would."

Jill M

"I would not be ready or have the skill set if it wasn't for taking classes."

James W

“ I was so surprised with the games I made. I totally recommend doing a camp or class.”
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Try Us Risk-Free

Start today, risk-free first session 100% money-back guarantee. If your child doesn't love it, then receive a full refund within the completion of the first class.

Year Round

New Memberships: Satisfaction Guaranteed

30 Days Money Back

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